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The board members are listed below, along with open positions, with brief job descriptions for each. Elections and nominations for Board positions are done at the AGM in November. (except open positions which Board votes in new members at any monthly meeting).

Current Board

President: Bob Carpenter
- Overall responsibility for program and club
- Ensures Compliance with CYSA Rules and Standards
- Manages Club's Telephone Mailbox
- Chairs monthly board meetings

Vice President: Sandra Todd
- Supports President & acts as alternate
- Coordinates special events
- Running Patrick Henry field renovation efforts

Treasurer: Ken Guifoyle
- Prepares club budget
- Writes checks for club's expenses
- Maintains financial records to proper standards
- Reports monthly on actual expenditures vs. Budget
- Supports president with annual report to the city

Registrars: Deanne Phillips (Rec), Laurence Berbessou (Comp)
- Responsible for registration process
- Issues team roster and player passes
- Coordinates league transfers (In/Out of club)
- Represents club to league registrar

Secretary: Metin Gokcen
- Maintains records of board meetings
- Maintains club event calendar
- Schedules/coordinates board meetings

Referee Director: Tibor Polgar
- Coordinates referee training
- Keeps log of all club and district referees
- Schedules referees for league games
- Coordinates tournament referee scheduling

Field Director: Fields & Donna Hughes
- Schedules fields for league games
- Organizes & maintains field striping and equipment
- Schedules practice fields

Recreation Director: Jan-Ulrich Thiele
- Coordinates recreation program
- Makes recreational teams game schedules
- Coordinates recruiting, screening, training of coaches
- Liaison for recreation coaches to the club

Competitive Director: Dan Ornelas
- Coordinates competitive program
- Compiles competitive teams game schedules
- Coordinates recruiting, screening, training of coaches
- Liaison for competitive coaches to the club
- Organizes coach licensing and clinics

Fund Raising Director: James Mayes
- Create fund raising programs for the club
- Coordinator volunteers on fund raising activities
- Pursue corporate donations and organize recognition of donors

Tournament Director: David Natwick and Peter Garnett
- Coordinates and organizes club-sponsored tournaments
- Coordinates volunteers with Foothill League for annual District Cup hosting

Team Parent/Volunteer Director: Barbara McGarvey
- Organize volunteers from membership base for club activities
- Gather database of volunteer pool from membership information

Non-Voting Board Members

Director of Coaching (Comp): Jason Werner

Director of Coaching (Rec): Andrew Ransome

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