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The Madelon Medina Fund

Medina Fund

This Fund was developed to honor Madelon's devotion to the Sunnyvale Alliance Soccer Club (SASC). She started working with the Club around 1978 and continued to work in various positions until her unexpected death in 1995. Madelon expended tremendous amounts of time for registration, equipment, and uniforms, with her husband coaching and children playing. Her work continued through the good times and the bad times without hesitation.

One wish Madelon had was financial assistance for youths playing high level soccer. The cost to parents for youths chosen to play on regional or national teams or teams achieving regional or national competition is high. She had first hand knowledge of the costs involved and worried for the other youths' parents, too.

The Madelon Medina Fund was developed when SASC had a large pool of money slated to start the fund. Continued financing of the fund is suggested as one dollar for each registered youth per season when the fund drops below $2500. The fund will be used for youths or teams achieving out of state invitational play or training.

The fund is available to players registered on competitive SASC teams, or to competitive teams registered with SASC having a minimum of six Sunnyvale residence players. The teams can either be CYSA or US Club registrations, but must be an SASC team and players. The fund will not discriminate between family income levels for the youths. A person or team must request funds from the board with proof of high level soccer play available.

When funds are available, the following amounts can be distributed:

  • Team to Regional Tournament (e.g. Far West Regionals) - $1,000
  • Team to National Tournament (e.g. US Club National Cup, USYS National Championships) - $1,500
  • Any level SASC Player (competitive or recreational) to State, Regional or National level Olympic Development Tournaments - $200
  • Player to National Team Training $500
  • Teams who reach finals in CYSA State Cup, or NorCal State Cup highest bracket. Other tournaments may be considered if requested and are qualifiers for higher level regional, or national tournaments - $500
  • Annual limit of $600 per player or $2,000 per Team; player funding is not counted towards the Team limit
Funding will be distributed as available and may be prorated in the case of multiple requests. Funding will not come from the general operating budget of SASC and the general operating budget will not use the Fund money. The SASC Treasurer and Executive Committee will decide how to most appropriately distribute the funds.

To Request Funding through the Madelon Medina Fund, please print and fill-out our Madelon Medina Request for Funding Form and submit with required documentation to the treasurer for review and approval. Please do not send original letters or other documents as they will not be returned. SASC's mailing address is P.O. Box 60711, Sunnyvale, CA 94088

Updated: 5/18/2016