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SASC Recreational Soccer
Modified Playing Rules Summary

SASC follows the US Soccer Guidelines regarding player development. Details of this can be found here

Note that age-appropriate adjustments are occasionally made to accommodate the number of players and teams registered in a particular age division. Game format will not exceed maximum game size as specified by US Soccer.

Rules of Fair Play and Sportsmanship

In addition to the modifications to FIFA rules listed below, SASC has the following requirements on the recreational game.

  1. Every player must play at least half of each game he/she attends.
  2. The coach should strive to make each child a "starter" for at least 50% of the games in a season.
  3. Every player who wants to must have the opportunity to play as goal keeper at least half a game during the season.
  4. Coaches are expected to make adjustments to avoid blow-out scores. Information is provided at Coach Training and during the season.
In addition - opposing coaches, parents and players should congratulate each other after the game and a "thank you" offered to the referees.


The number of referees and their origin depends on the age group involved.
Age Group Referees Goalkeepers
6U 1x Parent referee (*) no
8U-10U 1x Club referee (Center only) yes
12U 3x Club referees (Center + 2 Assistant Referees)

(*) Parent referees are provided on-field training by SASC before the season starts. The following documents provide a guide to what to do.

Parent Referee Guide Overview of how to referee a 3v3 or 4v4 game
6U Laws Laws of the game for 6U (needs updating)

Game Format and Age-Specific Rules

Age Group Game Format shown below is subject to change depending on the number of players registered. We will adjust in order to create an appropriate number of teams for the maximum enjoyment of the players.

Age Group Format (*) Ball Size Goal Size Approximate Field Size
Game Duration
6U 4 v 4 size #3 Pugg Goals 30 x 20 Clinic + 2 x 10 mins
8UB 5 v 5 size #3 6'6" x 12' 50 x 35 2 x 20 mins
9UG 6 v 6 size #4 6'6" x 12' 50 x 35 2 x 20 mins
10U 7 v 7 size #4 6'6" x 18' 60 x 40 2 x 25 mins
12U 7 v 7 size #4 6'6" x 18' 60 x 40 2 x 30 mins
14UG+ 5 v 5 size #5 6'6" x 18' 60 x 40 2 x 35 mins
14UB+ 9 v 9 size #5 8' x 24' 80 x 50 2 x 35 mins

* Game formats may be changed as necessary for number of players

Age Group Restarts Free Kicks Offside called?
6U Kick-ins
(no throw-ins)

Goal-kicks and corner-kicks
Indirect free kicks only No
(Although there is no off-side rule at this age, coaches should discourage their own players from waiting near their opponent's goal)
Throw-ins (One retry).
Goal Kicks taken from the top of the penalty area
Indirect free kicks only.
Must be 8-yds back.
Backpass to GK is OK
No (*)
No retry on throw-ins.

Build-out line (see below)
(Direct, Indirect and PKs)

Must be 10-yds back
Yes (using build-out line).
Only to be called if obvious to center referee.
(Direct, Indirect and PKs)

(*) Coaches should discourage their own players from blatant "cherry-picking".

Build-out line:

  • 8U: The halfway line is used as the build-out line
  • 10U: The edge of the center circle will be build out line if no other line is visible
  • Furthest build-out line is new offside line (only called if obvious)
  • Opponents must retreat behind build out line whenever GK has possession
  • GK is not allowed to punt or drop-kick the ball - must pass, throw, or roll the ball into play

  • (US Soccer video explaining build out line here)

14UG - Goal Keeper rule change (Spring 2021 season only)

Due to the small-sided game format this season, we are playing on a shorter field then normal. As a result, the following rule has been added.
  • A ball punted or drop kicked by the GK must contact the playing surface before crossing the halfway line.
  • A ball passed from the ground by the GK (including a Goal Kick) is allowed to cross the halfway line prior to contacting the playing surface
Violation of the rule results in an Indirect Free Kick for the opponent at the point where the ball crossed the halfway line (in the air).

Substitutions (8U+):

Can be made by either team at any stoppage with the permission of the referee - players must be ready at the half-line.

Player Safety

Slide Tackles

No slide tackling is permitted in SASC Rec soccer up to and including the 10U age group.
In 12U+, only 'clean' slide tackling is allowed. Any attempt to slide tackle with cleats up, or using both feet, or from behind will result in a yellow card. Any hard or dangerous contact with an opponent is a red card.


No (deliberate) heading is allowed by players in any age group up to and including the 12U age group