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SASC Recreational Soccer Program


The purpose of recreational youth soccer in SASC is the development of the soccer playing ability of the child. Safety, fun, excitement, and player skill development are the primary focus of the program. Regardless of the ability of a child, everyone deserves an equal chance to play and to learn in a safe, positive, and supportive environment.

SASC also offers a higher level of play within its Competitive Program.

Spring 2021 Season


We will have an 8 week season starting April 10, ending June 5 (no games on Memorial Day weekend). We will follow all State and County protocols at all times to keep your child and your family safe.

Please read our registration page carefully to see details including changes to game size (number of players on the field). Registration fees include a player uniform.

As always, parents are urged to consider volunteering to coach their son/daughter's team. (NEW) SASC is offering a 50% registration discount for team coaches.

Materials from Coaches meeting 3/29/21

Frequently Asked Questions

What Covid protocols will be required?

  • We will be updating our Covid protocols as State and County guidelines change, however they will limit the numbers of spectators, require a health screening for players prior to attendance and require masks and 6’ of separation for all observers. You will receive a detailed email prior to the start of practices and games.

What are the mask requirements for players?

  • The State requires face coverings to be worn when not participating in the activity (e.g., on the sidelines) and to be worn by coaches, support staff and observers at all times. In addition we will follow the State’s recommendations and STRONGLY encourage players to wear masks at all times when training and in competition.

What Coach training is available?

  • We supply multiple layers of coach training to our volunteer coaches! We have a preseason meeting and on field training, we also offer assistance at a team practice and game assistance and feedback. We will do all we can to assist our volunteer coaches to be highly successful!

Can spectators attend?

  • Spectators are limited to immediate household members only and there may be further limitations on the number allowed per player. Spectators are required to be masked and remain socially distanced from non household members.

What are the game formats? Are they going to play ‘real’ Soccer?

  • We will be implementing small sided games per US Soccer recommendations for the youngest players. 6 and Under will play 4v4 with no goalie. 10 and Under will play up to 7v7 with the US Soccer game modifications and a goalie. Older age groups will play up to 9v9 unless we have enough players registered to run a multi team league with larger rosters. Our expectation is that registration in this “Return to Play’ season may be lower than in previous seasons. Having smaller sided games for the older players allows us to create more teams and ensure our teams do not have to travel to play games.

My child is 5, can he/she play?

  • Our program for 5 and 6 year olds (birth years of 2015 and 2016) consists of a Saturday morning session. We will have a training session led by our Director of Coaching then the teams will play a game. Volunteer coaches will assist the Director of Coaching then run the game with their team! If you have a player who is slightly younger we can consider their enrollment if a parent is able to coach the child’s team.

Is a uniform included? What other items are required?

  • A uniform (to keep!) is included with all registrations. Parents need to provide soccer shin guards and an appropriately sized ball for their player. Cleats are optional, sneakers can be worn.

When will we start?

  • Coaches will contact players no later than the week of April 4. A Coach determines the practice time and location based on their availability. The first game is April 10th.

Recreational Program Details

Note - the following information only applies to our 'normal' recreational program, not during the Covid-impacted training pods

Age Divisions

This Age Group Calculator can be used to determine your child's Soccer Age Group. US Soccer uses the terminology of "6U" to mean players who are "6-or-Under" by the end of the soccer season (which is considered to be the combination of a Fall season plus the following Spring season)

Specific rules used in SASC Recreational soccer for each age group are summarized here.

Team Formation

Teams will be formed based on age divisions to be established by SASC prior to the beginning of each season. Only those players whose birth dates fall within the age divisions as established by the Rec. Director shall be eligible to participate. All players must provide proof of age for their first season of play. Age divisions may be combined at the discretion of the registrar. At the time of registration a player may request to "play up" one age division. Players are not allowed to "play down" in a younger age division. Registration of a player in the wrong division as a result of misinformation on the registration form may result in the player not being assigned to a team in the correct age division. If the error is found early enough, attempts will be made to place the child on a team in the correct division.

Team assignments within an age/gender division are done by honoring specific player preferences first, then by other factors such as: school, geographic distribution, and date of registration. No one is guaranteed a place on a specific team. Age Group Coordinators and the SASC Rec. Director may make changes to any team rosters to balance and improve fair play across an age division.

Team Roster Announcement

All coaches attend the mandatory pre-season Coaches Meeting several weeks before the season starts. Coaches will receive their team's roster, with player contact information (assuming they have completed required background checks and are cleared to coach). Coaches will contact all players within the first week, identify themselves, give contact information and provide practice information. This is also a good time to recruit volunteers (e.g. Asst. Coach, Team Manager, Snack Coordinator, End of Season Awards/Party, ...) In order to start practicing, at least one of the coaches on the team has to have cleared their background check.

Membership Guidelines / Disclaimer

ALL PARTIES TO THE REGISTRATION PROCESS AGREE TO ABIDE BY THE RULES OF THE Sunnyvale Alliance Soccer Club (SASC), California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA/Cal-North) AND the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA).

Objectionable conduct or behavior, including foul or abusive language by parents, players, or coaches during any soccer activity, including registration, will not be tolerated and may preclude players, parents, or coaches from participation in any activity sponsored by SASC. Anyone found giving knowingly false information to the Club Registrar or any other club official will be subject to disciplinary action which could result in immediate dismissal and revocation of his/her status as a member in good standing.

SASC reserves the right to make adjustments or modifications to the registration policy as it deems necessary to the best interest of the Club.

All SASC Coaches, Assistant Coaches and club volunteers must complete, sign and have on file with the registrar a completed Adult Disclosure Form, in addition to a Live Scan background check.

Rainy Days and Game Cancellation

SASC contracts with the City of Sunnyvale for the use of its fields for practice and games. The City of Sunnyvale may close the fields if they feel that the conditions are not suitable for use, forcing the club to cancel practices or games. If fields are closed we must honor the decision, or risk losing our future access to the fields.

The primary means for determining field status is online via the club's SASCFields Twitter account which is automatically reflected on the homepage of the SASC website. You can also check field status at city parks with the City of Sunnyvale Parks and Recreation Turf hotline at (408) 730-7585.

If you do not confirm a cancellation you should go to the field for your game at the scheduled time. If conditions deteriorate prior to or during the game, it is the referee and coach's responsibility to suspend and/or terminate the game. The decision to suspend or terminate the game will be based on an evaluation of the conditions, the danger to the players or potential for damage to the field. DO NOT attempt to play games on days when cancellations have been announced.

Due to the difficulties of rescheduling games and in conformance with our policy of not guaranteeing a set number of games, the Club will not schedule makeup games due to cancellations of any nature. However, we do encourage coaches to make arrangements with their opponents to play during the week in lieu of one of their scheduled practices.


Team Equipment:
SASC Supplies each Coach with the following (to be returned after the season):
  • Balls
  • Medical Kit
  • Cones
  • Pinnies
  • Whistle
  • Mini (Pugg) goals (6U)
  • Coaching Sticks (10U+)
  • Goal Keeper Gloves (10U+)
  • A bag to carry all
Field Equipment:
  • Coaches of 6U teams must bring their pair of mini goals to each game
  • Both of the first pair of teams to play each day in age groups 8U and above are responsible for putting the nets up
  • Both of the last pair of teams to play each day in age groups 8U and above are responsible for taking the nets down
  • Nets and flags are stored at the fields (flags for 8U+ fields only). They are in the locked containers near each field
Player Equipment Rules:
  • Must wear shin guards
  • Must wear long socks covering shin guards
  • Must NOT wear any kind of jewelry items
  • Soccer shoes not required but STRONGLY recommended. Referees will not allow anyone wearing illegal shoes from participating (cannot have a baseball-style toe cleat)

For more information, please contact us at: