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SASC Trophy Case - 2013

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2013 League Accomplishments

Season Team Age/Gen League Division Result
Fall 2013 Strikers 99B Black U14B CCSL Copper North 1st place
Fall 2013 Stingrays 04G Red U9G CCSL Gold 1st place
Fall 2013 Jaguars 01B U13B CCSL Bronze 1st place
Fall 2013 Knights 97B U16B CCSL Bronze 2nd place
Spring 2013 Stingrays 04G Red U8G CCSL Silver Elite 1st place

2013 Tournament Accomplishments

Date Team Tournament Result Photo
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November 2013 Elite 03B Red Norcal State Cup
U10B Premier 3
November 2013 Knights 97B District 2 Cup 1st
November 2013 Elite 03B Black District 2 Cup
U10B Copper
November 2013 Blast 01G Black District 2 Cup
U12G Copper
November 2013 Strikers 99B Black District 2 Cup 2nd
November 2013 Jaguars 01B District 2 Cup 1st
November 2013 Stringrays 04G Red District 2 Cup 1st
October 2013 Elite 03B Red Livermore Fusion Ghouls and Goals
U10B Gold
October 2013 Jaguars 01B Halloween Cup 2nd
October 2013 Fury 01B Black District 2 Cup
U12B Silver
September 2013 Bulls 02B Silver Medina Cup 1st
September 2013 Bulls 02B White Medina Cup 2nd
September 2013 Fury 01B White Medina Cup 1st
September 2013 Knights 97B Medina Cup 1st
September 2013 Fury 01B Red Palo Alto Tall Trees 1st
August 2013 Blast 01G Red Soccer By The Bay
U12G Bronze
August 2013 Elite 03B Red Stanford Summer Classic
U10B Gold
June 2013 Bulls 02B Silver District 2 Cup 1st
June 2013 Stingrays 04G District 2 Cup 2nd